Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It has been so long since I have updated this. It is a shame. I have a new job and I am now not behind a computer all day. I am behind my steering wheel for most of it. So as a recap of the last fall....

I was attacked by a moose, and lost my boat.
Caught the largest trout of my life. 25.5 inch cut.
Had some rough trips on the Green
Caught some beautiful fish in Idaho
Going 0 for 2 on steelhead trips, I had a really nice fish on and close to the boat. My guide guessed 35 or so inches. Hard fighting fish. He was up near the boat but still had more running in him so I was close to landing him but not really.
Bull trout have turned into Whitefish for me. I dont mind catching them by any means, but I just want a damn Steelhead. Everytime I go Steelhead fishing, I can only land Bull trout.
The snows have started. I hate snow.
My birthday is this weekend.
here are some pictures. If i think of anything else I will post it with them.


mike doughty said...

some killer shots colby