Friday, May 30, 2008

I Joined the Gym

I am going to be huge.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Musky on the Fly

Last Monday nightI got a call from my friend JayMorr. He asked if I was interested in heading up north to go looking for some Tiger Musky. I giggled like a school girl with excitement. It took me so long to fall asleep with joy. It was more exciting then my last few christmas eves. I was beat when I woke up Tuesday morning. I had a long weekend chasing big trout in strong wind and heavy rain. My room mate insisted I take him to the airport at 7am so I figured I had to wake up early anyways I got him to the with seconds to spare rushed home and I loaded my toon in the back of the Jeep and rushed to meet up with Jay and Bryan in Farmington. We got all my gear and headed up to Nick & Stephs house in Logan. Nick hooked us up with lots of hot gear and a ton of beautiful Rainey flies. We got into the water a bit after 11:00am, a late start and bad lighting. The lighting is a shame because Jay is writing an article on Musky fishing in Utah. I hope he is ready for lots of post production to make them pretty. Bryan is seeing a ton of fish holding on the bottom. None of us brought sinking line so we start out with heavy flies and letting them sink deep. It did not take more the 30 or 40 minutes for Bryan to hook up. Jay got him into the net and the fish threw the fly. After a few quick flops he was back to swimming with not a photo taken. I estimate him to have gone at least 27 inches if not 30. Not a big musky by any stretch of the word but damn I was excited. Bry had one more good strike and it cooled off for about an hour. I got hot then I brought in two fish in about an hours time 25 or 26 inches on the first and the second could have been in the 30s. I had lots of light strikes for the next little bit but no hard action. We started kicking back to the car so we could make sure we got Jay's kids home from school. On the way back I landed one more fish about the size of the first and had one really hard strike that bit threw my leader. What a damn good day in my book. Ive heard you are lucky to get one fish your first day Musky fishing. I caught 3. I am hooked. Ill be back next week.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Go Around

So there has been all the hype with blogs over the last year or two. I have never really thought much about it. Yesterday while chasing some Muskie we talked at length about blogs. I realized it may be time for my to try this out. If it does not work there will just be one more fragment of myself lost to the expanse of the interweb.
I would like to thank my partners on my trip for making me thing about this. Jaymorr and Bryan