Monday, July 28, 2008

Dan Bailey

I bought a pair of Dan Bailey "BareBones" waders two years ago to the tune of $129.00. At the time I thought it was a ridiculous amount of money for waders. I had only purchased the cheep Hodgeman waders that everyone has seen. I actually got a pair of those for Christmas the year I bought my Dan Baileys also. They are a bargain!! Some where around the fifty dollar mark. I must have spent three hundred dollars on them since I started fishing. I sure wish I would have invested in some Dan Bailey Guide waders. When you pick up a pair of cheep waders at Allied (remember that) or Sports Castle you are going to get what you paid for, A season of dry fishing, maybe. Some time around January when you are throwing tiny bug rigs on the Weber you are going to notice that creeping of needles on your feet where you have a hole. You'll patch it, but there is something about those cheep waders when they get a hole they turn into swiss cheese over night. More patches then you can put on.
I had my Baileys about a year before I had wet socks at the end of the day. Luckily it happened in the spring. It was early spring and It did get too cold a time or two. I actually had awhile where I would wear my Baileys with another pair of Hodgmans on top. It kinda sorta worked, but I felt like a goon. I turned them inside out and filled them up in the tub to find the hole, damn seams were leaking, not a thing I could do about that. I called the shop where I bought them (Four Seasons) and the sales man told me to bring them in and he would fix the hole for me. I did not really want to leave my waders at a shop, I knew I would never see them again ( I miss my Scott). Well I took them up and he said they would try and fix them. I figured I would be wet wading till it got cold and I would have to buy a new pair cause my waders had been lost to warranty. The next day I got a call from the shop? What had happened? did I leave my wallet there, my glasses? Why would they call me so soon? I was confused. He told me they tried to find the hole but the seams were blown so they would have to go back to Baileys. Wow thank you, that was quick. There must be no action on the MP this year. A week later I get a call again!! Dan Baileys checked out my waders not my fault they were on their way back to me all fixed up. I could not believe it. A few days later I got another call from Four Seasons my waders were in, come get them. I made that trek out to Heber and picked them up. I was expecting that sixty dollar charge for shipping, to be expected. Was not there!! free. I opened up my box, not my waders. It was a new pair. What a great day, what a great company, what a great shop. Yesterday I got out on the water with them. It was a small creek that I would have rather wet wader but it flows into drinking water so I must protect the water drinkers of salt lake, no oils from my body will end up in your iced tea. Dan Baileys had made some improvements since i had bought mine. Built in gravel guards with a sweet little Velcro strap, and the suspenders come off for a quick easy conversion to pants/ waist highs. Along with the built in belt these new features make the names "barebones" just sound silly. These waders are tricked out in my book. $129 dollars was a bargain. If they are going to take care of me so well when they get leak I will have no problem dropping the three hundred bucks for some guide series waders one of these days.

In review.
Dan Baileys customer service is AMAZING.
Dan Baileys makes a good product.
Four Seasons is a great shop, I wish they were in Salt Lake.
Four Seasons has the cutest employees also.
Dan Baileys-- go get a pair.


Cutthroat Stalker said...


Lucky you! You must have been passing some good karma along somewhere to get such a nice return.

Too bad you don't have your old waders, we could post pictures of them along with the others here.

By the way, where are the pictures of those employees from Four Seasons?

Craig said...
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Craig said...

I was actually in need of some new waders to replace my shitty hodgemans. I will have to put these on my list.